Hur är det att köra ett 24-timmarslopp?

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Nedan kommer kan ni läsa en klockren beskrivning av ett 24-timmarslopp, skriven av användaren chasealex2 från reddit/MTB:

”Depends on whether you’ll be a soloist, a pair or team.

I’ve done it as a team and as a pair. Friends have done it as soloists. For the team/pairs racing, you’ll be racing properly. Giving it death Lap after lap and the course profile will determine how many laps you do per stint. Train for long, fast rides at high cadence at night. The night is when the race is fought, not the day. You’ll be strong up until about 2-3am at which point there is a natural biological lull until the sun comes up. This is when you find out that all the food you brought is healthy and shit and unpalatable, when you find that your team mates who are normally your best mates are total useless cunts who deserve to die in a fire and your bike is a total piece of shit. Once the sun comes up, it’s easier to see the goal and keep pushing on through the exhaustion. Don’t take your wife or girlfriend unless you like challenging your relationship. Having a marital at 5am because you asked for the pasta to be hot when you came off your lap, and instead she’s asleep, will not go down well with your team mates. Also you’ll end up on the couch. Or single. But fuck her, you only asked her to do the pasta, how hard can it fucking be? Jesus…

Food wise, do not plan to eat healthy. Instead, skip a meal and go shopping when you’re tired and hungry. Buy the things you want to eat when you’re tired and hungry. Simple pasta type things are good for adding carbs after each stint, but i’ll be damned if I want that at 4am when I hate everyone and everything. Takes a couple of packs of jelly babies before I’m interested in not killing people. Avoid high caffeine energy drinks. They’re a false high with a big low when they wear off and you quickly become tolerant. Pour the fluids in. Find gels and energy bars that taste nice. If you don’t like the flavor, it’s very hard to force yourself to consume them. Don’t forget that you’re weak and pathetic, so nothing that requires excess chewing efforts.

Some people sleep. If you can sleep anywhere and wake up fresh after not enough and NOT murder whoever woke you up, go for it, sleep. If not, do not sleep. If you think you might sleep through an earthquake, do not sleep. When you miss your handover, your team-mates will shit upon you from on high and will no longer send you Christmas cards.

For soloists, first be unhinged. Prepare to hate the person who’s helping you feed. Prepare to crawl into your tent and give up. Prepare to realize it’s the most stupid, retarded, moronic, fucked up kind of racing anyone ever suggested you do. Eat jelly babies. Ignore the carefully prepared food, no matter how much your helper pushes it. No, seriously, fuck off with the shit pasta. Join the camp of people loitering before the finish line at half an hour before the chequered flag so they don’t have to go back out for another lap. Complete the race looking like a cross between a holocaust survivor and a shell shocked tommy dragged from the trenches. Swear you’ll never, ever do it again,

In summary 24hr racing is a good way to ruin your friendships, your teeth, your bike and your love of riding.

9/10, would race again. 10/10 with freshly cooked rice and sauce.”

24 hour mountain bike racing from MTB

Underbar beskrivning som beskriver precis det jag ser framför mig. Nu anmäler vi oss:


Team FR-X (#T.B.A)

Peter Nordlund

Ari Kartunen

Karl Lindström


Team FR-X solo #SISU

Henri Puustinen

Inom kort kommer vi posta en fullständig presentation av samtliga teamförare. Jag kan även meddela att jag och Jonas håller på för fullt med att ta fram teamkläder.


/Henri Puustinen



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Framtiden är här, och framtiden är video. Självaste Henri pratar igenom vad Team FR-X är för något i upptakten till projektet.


Välkommen till Team FR-X

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Välkommen till Team FR-X

Välkommen! Du har funnit vår Team-blogg. Team FR-X tar de bästa produkterna vi har, och hårdtestar dem under 2017 i händerna på tre inbitna herrar. Närmare presentation av team-medlemmarna kommer inom kort, men vi har två herrar som cyklat på SM-nivå och en personlig tränare inblandad i projektet, och här på bloggen kommer du under sommaren kunna följa deras väg mot höstens stora event – Lida 24h.

Vi kommer avhandla historier om cykelturer, träningstips, diverse mek, anekdoter – både högt och lågt. Häng med!